10 Tips and Tricks for Returning to the Social Distancing Classroom

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

     Returning to the classroom in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic can be very stressful. With many districts and schools still uncertain of their plans or all the details of how the classroom will look that has left the teachers with a lot of questions.
     As I have read and listened to many different teachers and questions they have posed over the past few weeks, I have found a few ideas that have stuck out and have been helpful. So I compiled these 10 great tips and tricks for returning to the social distancing classroom to share:

Tips & Tricks:
1. Pencil zip pouch bags on command strip hooks- this can be used on the side of desks for keeping students supplies to limit supply sharing and storage issues.

2. Pencil zip pouch bags for storing masks during lunch or recess.

3. Lanyards for masks when not wearing them during lunch or recess. This is also great for students so that if their mask falls off the masks won't fall onto the ground but rather is hooked to the lanyard around the student's neck.

4. Voice Amplifier for Teachers wearing masks. This is something I bought and tried out. It works great and will save you from straining your voice throughout the day.

5. Straw Dispenser for sharpened pencils- when students need a new pencil and don't have their own pencil sharpener this is a good option so there aren't multiple people using the pencil sharpener. They can simply grab the pencil and go.

6. Accordion Files for papers- I used accordion files every year instead of binders but this year it can be great for holding students papers instead of using my classroom mailboxes. These are also great when desk storage is not an option. These are easily leaned up against the leg of a desk for storage.

7. Clear Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves- these are great to use instead of passing out white boards to students. These can easily be hung on a command strip hook on the side of the desk so each student has their own without sharing. They also hold a marker on each pocket sleeve that limits supply sharing as well.
8. PVC and Clear Vinyl Distancing Dividers- I have seen pictures of people who have used PVC pipe, clear vinyl, and clear duct tape to assemble their own Distancing/Sneeze Guard dividers for their classrooms. This is a great idea when individual desks are not an option.

9. Duct Tape/ Electrical Tape/ Painters Tape on the floor- this will help students know where their space is for social distancing. For my classroom one way I am going to use this is to use different colors on the floor around desks and use the colors as teams for points. Usually I use row or table points throughout the month as a way to reinforce positive behavior and classroom management. At the end of the month the row/table with the most points gets a treat or prize. With socially distancing I had to think outside the box with how to do points. Now all the students with blue tape will be a team, red tape will be a team and so forth to earn points for being ready, having their books out first, clean desk areas and so forth.

10. Class Library Quarantine Bins- If you are able to have a classroom library this year then this might be an option. Have 2-3 bins marked 24hrs., 48hrs, or 72hrs. The 24hr. bin would always be out for student book returns. At the end of the day you would move the 24hr. bin books to the 48hr. and rotate the 48hr. books to the 72hr. and then the 72hr. books could be placed back on to the shelf. It would be more work for you as a teacher but it would be one way to allow students to enjoy a classroom library if you have restrictions set in your school. This could also be a class job for one student too.

I hope that you have found these helpful and I would love to read some of your other ideas that may not have been shared. Feel free to leave your ideas below in the comments!

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