End of the Year Fun Activities

Sunday, April 28, 2019
The end of the school year is always filled with fun activities from things in the classroom to activities outside of the classroom such as field day. One thing I enjoy doing with my students is making an End of the Year Memory Book. This is a great way for my students to reflect on things we have learned throughout the year that may have included field trips, STEM labs, or more. It also is a great way to have students share some of their fun friend memories from the year as they have made new friendships, developed deeper friendships, or maybe someone is moving away they will have this book as a way to remember their friends. Then after the students complete them we have time as a class to come together to listen and laugh as students share their memories. 
The set I use with my students includes 12 great activity sheets to pick and choose from:

                                          End of the Year Memory Book -Print & Google Classroom  | Distance Learning

The 12 Activities included are:
1. Teacher acrostic- students use the teachers last name to create an acronym with words or phrases about their teacher.
2. Student's name acrostic- they write their own name and then find a classmate to write positive and encouraging things about them using their name.
3. Favorite field trip or class activity- writing and illustration activity
4. 4 Friends favorite memory- they find 4 different classmates who will write down a favorite memory about them from the year.
Favorite memory about the teacher- writing activity
6. You are teacher for the day- You switched places with the teacher and now you write a short story about the day you were teacher for a day.
7. Name of School Word Work- students will write the name of their school then use those letters to create as many 2, 3, 4, and 5 or more letter words.
8. Tell about someone who has inspired you this year- writing activity
9. Classmate Scavenger Hunt- students will try to find as many different classmates who match a description on the page and get their signature as possible.
"Figure Me Out" Math activity- students will create math problems to solve For Example: My Age 14 + 2 - 6 = 10 (you would be 10 years old.)
11. Favorite scene from a book you read this year- writing and illustration activity
12. Top 10 things that have made this year SUPER!!!- writing/list activity

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