Celebrate Fun in April- Part 2

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April is National Poetry Month. I don't know about you but when I first mention to my class that we are going to learn about poetry this month many of them (especially the boys) let out groans! It seems many times that kids have a misconception about poetry, that it always has to rhyme, or that its too hard. Then once I begin to explain an overview about some of the fun types of poetry that we will be learning about and trying their attitudes hit a 180 and their faces actually have smiles on them. 

One great way that I give my students a visual of the different types of poetry is by using this Types of Poetry bulletin board set in my classroom.

Types of Poetry Bulletin Board/Poster Set

With this up on the wall in the back of the room, students are reminded of the different types we are studying and the patterns each style follows. They can even use these anchor charts to write their own extra poems on their free time. Which I find many students trying and then giving to me as gifts for my wall or desk. :)

A great resource that I have found that pairs well with my bulletin board/ anchor chart posters is this set by Rachel Lynette.

I don't use all 21 of the patterns with my 4th graders but we use about half of them. The examples are great and the students really love the simplicity of these different types of poems. I even find my boys who in the beginning let out groans now loving to write poems.

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